Expertise Focused on leveraging paid, local and traditional organic rankings to maximize search real estate Former Google User Interface Engineer on staff Consistent access to Google beta products before public release Head of paid search highlighted as outstanding Bing professional Involved in earliest days of Google Adwords testing Paid search staff maintains Google Adwords and […]

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Agency Offerings Social advertising across major venues with access to social exchange inventory Target by specific groups, industry, company, job title, topic and more Cost-per-Like and Cost-per-Follow campaigns available for approved offers Trusted copywriting team to manage daily dialogue Social content creation optimized for prospect interaction and search ranking benefits Reputation monitoring and alerts Integration […]

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Paid Search РPay Per Click (PPC)

  What Revenue Goals Have You Set for Your Website? Given that most prospects utilize search engines as a primary means of research, your website is¬†little more than a vacant virtual storefront without search engine marketing. Without an influx of qualified leads and buyers to your website, it will merely stand to build credibility and […]

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Expertise Former Google User Interface Engineer on staff Sat on Google Analytics panel with 100 worldwide helping to plan upcoming features Members of our team have been using Google Analytics since it launched in 2005 and have been parsing server logs across platforms since the WWW was young Experience with rich technologies used in enterprise […]

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The Flexibility and Skill to Meet Your Needs

On Target Digital can scale to meet your business needs and execute efficient search marketing strategies at almost any scope.