• Former Google User Interface Engineer on staff
  • Sat on Google Analytics panel with 100 worldwide helping to plan upcoming features
  • Members of our team have been using Google Analytics since it launched in 2005 and have been parsing server logs across platforms since the WWW was young
  • Experience with rich technologies used in enterprise analytics including Tea Leaf, Omniture, Clearsaleing and Stratos
  • Team members maintain Google Analytics certification


Agency Offerings

  • Free analytics audit to determine areas of opportunity
  • Hourly consultation to offer maximum flexibility in setting up and optimizing analytics
  • Full attribution tracking set up to help tie together past actions and campaign touches that influence eventual conversions for more accurate measurement and budget allocation
  • Advanced customization of analytics reporting, consulting on key performance indicators and automated reports distribution
  • Utilizing Google’s new Universal Analytics for advanced features such as tying offline and online events together
  • Page testing and conversion optimization
  • Tying together pages controlled by different sources, different handling of forms, myriad of browsers and platforms, iFrames, etc.
  • Resolving compatibility errors to maximize tagging and ensure faster load times
  • Cross referencing outside tools for SEO, etc. with Google Analytics to expand data
  • Adhering to strict user privacy standards