Display Advertising


  • Consistently outperform industry benchmarks for ad interaction, view completion rate and click-through rate.
  • Have worked with Google since the earliest days of their content-targeted network
  • Among earliest agencies offering various means of retargeting stretching back to early adoption in 2003
  • Relationships with major and niche display sources: networks, DSPs, SSPs, Real-time-bidding networks, major data houses, major direct publishers
  • Emphasizing performance-based models such as cost-per-click, cost-per-completed-view and real-time bidding for premium inventory at discounted rates
  • Among earliest agencies feeding live inventory into display units, offering lead capture and social plug ins within display units
  • Ad serving across major platforms


Agency Offerings

  • Comprehensive build out of display plans to meet goals, including targeting, payment models, ad units and specs, ad serving and network sources, key performance indicators and reporting
  • Emphasis on attribution tracking to capture maximum value from display efforts
  • Image, flash, expandable, video, mobile units and native ad formats
  • Behavioral targeting, contextual targeting, site and search retargeting, creative retargeting, demographic targeting, industry targeting, keyword and geo targeting, look-a-like targeting
  • Integration of rich media elements within ad units
  • Direct publisher negotiation on key sites for unique ad space and deep integration
  • Unique sponsorships that span display and other channels for maximum exposure
  • Exclusive content rights negotiated for display and prospect engagement
  • Maintain white and black lists of display sources for brand safety
  • Access to over 605 billion monthly impressions, 200,000+ websites & 10 exchanges